Monday, May 4, 2009

About Me

Hello Everyone!

My name is Carolina Zambrano. I was born and raised in Maracaibo, Zulia Estate. I am a student of Industrial Engineering at URBE university in Maracaibo and I am currently on my 6th semester.

I enjoy music, poetry, traveling and spending time with people I love and care about.
I have been able to visit many wonderful places in the world and I have also been able to live in a few countries like: Nashville, USA; Manila, Phillipines; Lima Peru and of course, my country of birth, Venezuela. Being able to meet so many different people have added a great deal of value to my personal life. I am greatful for that. I am greatful to all those people who added value to my life and to those who add value to my life daily. I love to learn about other cultures and I enjoy to learn and listen to their experiences.

English is a very important language today. I love languages and as a hobby I am also currently learning portugess and hungarian. I love to hear music from other contries, I find that fascinating, is like you can feel the¨´soul¨ of those people.

I am excited about my English 7 class because the teacher is very inspiring! She loves to teach and you can see that from the very first class. She challenges me to go to a new level. I appreciate that very much. She made me do this blog, and even though I felt reluctant at first I think that I am really going to enjoy it!

Thank you all for reading!



  1. Hi, Carolina! Congratulations for your new blog... Wow, this is a great intro.. I can see this is going to be a great blog to read. I love your enthusiasm!

    Hope we can share and learn a lot in this experience... Make sure to visit your classmates blogs and leave a comment...

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    Veronica Franco
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    Carolina Zambrano B
    Asdrubal Polidor
    Jessica Cuello
    Ignacio Davila

    Keep on shining Love and Peace!

  2. Hey Caro nice introduction bout ur self..i like it..xD

  3. Hi Kev! Thanks my friend, as soon as I get this figured out I will check out all your work! xoxo