Sunday, June 28, 2009

Curriculum Vitae - International

To increase the shareholder value and maximizing profit by improving the operational efficiencies and maximum utilization for the available resources.

Keys of success

Integrity & Ethics






Continuous Improvement


Ave. Fuerzas Armadas, Maracaibo-Zulia State, Venezuela
Phone: +99999.1111111 (Ext. 999)Phone (Evening): +9999.2222222Mobile: +999.3333333Fax: +99999.4444444E-Mail:


To find a challenging position to meet my competencies, capabilities, skills, education and experience.


September 2005 -Present:

Project Engineer

1.Establishes production standards of efficiency, minimum wastages and maximum utilization of resources (machines, raw material and manpower).

2. Supervise production processes to ensure implementation of company standards.

3. Prepares annual production plans and obtains approval of Director of production.

4. Coordinates with Sales Managers to: a. Plan production capacities according to yearly sales projections. b.Monitor production vs. sales to review production schedule accordingly. Ensure enough replenishments of finished goods supply. c.Applay effective modification on production plan for timely production of special orders or promotional items.

5. Coordinates with procurement officers to ensure smooth supply of raw materials.

6. Establishes quality control standards and procedures. Ensures strictly adherence to those standards.


Rafael Belloso Chacin University, Maracaibo-Zulia State, Venezuela

Graduated as an Industrial Engineer.


MS Word, MS Excel, Power point, ACCESS, PROJECT, AUTOCAD


Language Level

Spanish Expert

English Expert

Portuguess Begginer


Steel Company +999.55555555

ECO Systems +888.66666666

A Job

Even though the job post requires that the applicant must have 2 plus years of experience, its a field I will like to get into and I would apply for it anyways. A lot of companies would still hire someone with less experience than they require on their posts if they beleive that the individual would be a good fit for the team.


Company MAC
Location: Kearny, NJ 07032
Industries Manufacturing - Other
Job Type: Full Time Employee
Relevant Work Experience
Education Level: Bachelor's Degree

To view the job click on the following link

My Dream Job!

I have a vision of a world that I have not yet seen. I beleive that we have a great journey ahead of us. As the professionals of the future we must develop responsible and friendly energy technologies that will truly preserve earth´s resouces and carry our future generations to come into a healthy and safe environment. A dream job for me is to be a part of a growing company in the field of Renewable Technologies where I can help the world be a better place.


Company: Ameresco Inc.
Location: Tempe, AZ 85280
Industry: Energy Efficiency and Renewable Technology
Job Type: Full Time

To view the job click on the following link

Cover Letter

Carolina Zambrano
Av. Fuerzas Armadas
Maracaibo-Zulia State
Venezuela - 4002

Cell 999-999-9999
E-mail -

Project Engineer

Tempe, Arizona

June 28th, 2009

Dear Ms. Smith,

I am interested in applying for the Project Engineer position you have recently posted under Energy Efficiency and Renewable Technology on

I have learned that AMERESCO, has developed over $4 billion in energy savings solutions that help its customers utilize green, clean, and sustainable resources. As the largest independent energy services company in North America that continues to lead the industry into a smarter, greener future from conservation to renewable energy, I believe that AMERESCO is a company for the new generations I can grow with.

In environmental field studies, I have developed a project research study at the Rafael Belloso Chacin University called The Green Energy Savings Program that lead the school to $2 million dollars in energy savings and cost reduction of its facilities and had a great positive impact in the community.

Almost two years of experience working in the Human Resources Department with KM Logistics as a Bilingual Spanish-English Recruiter and GM assistant, I beleive that I have acquired a great set of skills and the background necesary to be a great adition to your engineers team and be an asset to your company.

I look forward to hearing from you soon and hope that you agree that my qualifications seem to be a match for this position. If so, I hope to schedule an interview at a mutually convenient time.

Thank you for your consideration.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Computer Interfaces

Speaker David Merrill is an MIT grad student in the Fluid Interfaces Group at MIT´s Media Lab. He and his fellow students work on new technologiesthat give us more and better abilities to do things we want to do. David´s main interst now is the Siftable Project, and this is the subject of his TEDTalk.

New technologies make our life´s easier, our jobs more productive, reason why its important to be aware of all the new emerging technologies.

For more information on David´s Merrill´s work, click on this link:

True Leadership

A leader is a person who by force of example, talents or qualities plays a directing role, wields commanding influence, or has a following in any sphere of activity or thought.

A true leader is one who maintains an uncompromising adherence to an internalized, but otherwise generally accepted code of moral values, a true leader is sincere, honest and a great communiator, he avoids deception and shalllowness of any kind in all situations.

True Leaders...

1. Know who they are.

2. Are genuine.

3. Are responsible.

4. Have integrity.

5. Are caring.


7. Are open to change

8. Value the contributions of others.

9. Are courageous!


Even though no one is perfect, true leaders are authentic!

We all must seek and cultivate these qualities if we want to be sucessful managers.